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Here is our vision for you as clients of A&S Accountants:

Here at A&S Accountants we do things “21st Century” I would say I have worked in industry and other accountancy practices for 14yrs and accountants are “outdated” in my opinion, walking around in suits, still carrying briefcases, driving BMW’s or Mercedes, glaring at you across from a cold looking office intimidating you like a suspect in custody.

So what is 21st century?

We take the time to get to know our clients, their business and what they want from us, after all every person and their business is different and needs different services. We will go to the client to have a chat, after all you will feel more comfortable in your own environment and all your documents are there (makes to much sense right?). I will roll up in my 7 seater family car, probably in a t-shirt and jeans looking casual and quite frankly “normal”. We believe in electronic paperwork, documents and communication.

When it comes to clients, we treat each one and their business individually, we get to know your business and will support you to grow and advise the best we can. Accountants cannot offer the specialties that we can, after working in Industry for some of the world’s biggest companies in their area we are able to offer Costing, Budgeting, Forecasting, Return on Investments and many more.

As we understand the business needs of our clients we don’t work a typical Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, we are flexible and offer our clients weekend and evening contact with no extra costs or premiums, “It is very much appreciated by our clients”.

So, we can offer QuickBooks, it’s easy to use and offers some good features. We are a partner so if we sign the clients up through our account, we get you a discount on the fee’s. The highlight feature is linking your bank to QuickBooks allowing the transactions to be easily allocated, both invoices and expenses. When it is kept up to date either by us or you, there will be a constant P&L available to see the performance for example monthly. There are many other reports I can access that I can send to you, for example project performance, gross margin reports.

We also work remotely, on the cloud so our clients can access and upload reports, receipts, documents easily. It is always available…. Paperwork is old school and can get damaged or lost easily so this is a much cleaner and more efficient way of working for both of us. We have clients in Monmouthshire, Manchester and London as an example.

We can help you personally to with self-assessment for example and advise the best way to maximise your income with tax reliefs, as you mentioned there are homes you own and a full time job plus this new adventure.

We have some great clients whom we believe could work with you in your future ventures as well, we have a network between us, and it has helped us and their business with new clients and customers.

Our fees are fixed for the 12 months, if we offer or you require any ad hoc work  (which takes less than an hour to complete) or something changes with you and the business we will honour the fee’s.

We also offer HR support which includes employee contracts and sub-contractor contracts. This is a separate service and we also have an outsourced legal team to deal with any business law and employments law issues that our clients need help with.

Harbour Taxi's Burry Port

I've been in business a number of years and always used a accountant. I moved to Burry Burry port and asked A&S to do our tax returns for me and my what a brilliant and professional service they provide, nothing to much trouble, very fast turn around, highly recommend 5 star plus

Matthew Smith

Superb service from Ash - took over our payroll seamlessly and has helped us no end during this troubling period. Highly recommended

Leighton Masky Bryant

I would highly recommend A&S accountants very reasonable price, reliable friendly and professional service. Anyone who is looking for a local accountant A&S are the ones you need
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